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the other man I did not know I used
to quarrel of a on Mondays my with
my Husband about his going to
the Chartists Clubs at Coach & Horses
at Blackwood. I was known to be
agst the Chartists. The woman^ used to
mob me because I wod not join them
& called me Tory & abused me
when ever I met them. I went
to the Street last Tuesday last thinking
my Husband was killed because
__and said Oh the ...Chartists Oh my Husband
__you used to cry Chartists for ever now what will become of me
He Did not come home ^ the Women
said Mary Ferreday they would
fight with our Husbands for the
Chartists unto death. My Husband
used to go to the Chartist meetings
at the Coach & Horses. They used
to divide into parties of 10 & had
a man as a leader over them.
They used to hold chartists meetings
at the Greyhound Inn. I know
John Frost he used to send me
__(a neighbours Wife Mrs Thomas the Tailor)
his Shirts to me ^ to wash weekly
she used to tell me Frost used to send
... 6d with them I used to say
to my neighbours the poor people
work hard for the 6d. I saw Frost



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