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and his little Boy Leading the Chartists
when they met at Duke Town sometime
Since. My husband could not read or write
I remember his once having a Card which
was called for by a man who took it away
& promised to send an-other but I never
saw another. On the Sunday I speak
of my Husband came home about
1/2 p 3 O'clock I had kept Dinner for
him some mutton broth boiled
Mutton and Bacon. He drank the
Broth and asked me to have some
Mutton I was alarmed at the
conduct of my Husband which
_________ It is serious
was unusually quiet. I said No
__It is serious times ... it is must come to a point
Bill. He said ^ as we are spe separated
in / ___ / we may be separated
__He used to be of a very rough Man in his manner &
__language his quietness frightened me

for ever ^ I begged him to tell
him me what was going to happen
but he would not - and then
the men came in as I before state[d]
I have recently ^been put to bed ...
have come down before to see
for my Husband I was told yesterday
by W... Strickland [*] that my Husband
was dead in the stable at the Westgate
Inn Newport
I have seen a Coat &
________& Red Cravat
... Waistcoat & wa ^ which I swear to as
my Husbands from a piece ...
__some grey yarn in the cravat
of the Coat also [^] in the woollen comforter
_______________________The mark of X
______________________________Mary Ferreday

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