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John Jones sworn says - I live in Risca - I am a
Laborer in the employ of the Canal Company - I remember a Sunday
night in November - I believe it was seven weeks to morrow - I went to
Bed that night, same people came to my house - a woman called at
my house and I got up, went down stairs and opened the door - I saw -
nothing but the woman - I let her in and went upstairs - I finish
dress and again came down stairs - the man with the three little Boys
came into the house - the man said he was very sickly in his thoughts
because he had left his wife very sickly at home - the house was filled
with people directly afterwards - I could not tell how many it was then
between three and four o'Clock in the morning of Monday - some of
the men had Guns and pikes - I saw one with a Sword - I know the
Prisoner Edward Pillinger he was one of the men in my house that night
he did nothing at all but push towards the fire to dry himself - there was
20 or more men in the House at a time, when some did go out others did
come in - I shook hands with the prisoner and asked him how he
was he said "hearty" - My wife asked him where he was going, he
said to Newport - but he did not know in the world what for - he
was there about an hour - I did not think by seeing him there so
long and push towards the fire, that he did not wish to go on -
I saw him go out, and heard him say good bye - After they
had all gone out of the house, a man came in with a Gun - he
came over the hill and said to me "Now my good man they do
insist upon me Bringing you along - he went into my house -
I went after him into my House - he drove me before him with
the Gun out of the House - He first of all asked me if there was
any other man in the house - I said "no" - he then said he
must see the cupboard open - My Wife opened it - he then
said he must have the other cupboard opened - it was opened
for him - I said if he was so particular as to have everything
searched he was welcome to go up stairs if he liked - he said
he would take my word - He then told me to go - I went on
and he followed me - I was very much frightened - my wife
and little child was crying so - I saw another man there
I knew besides the Pris.r - I believe that person's name is Thomas Harris - I dont know where he lives



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