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vs Batten

Israel Furmen States
I am 91 years of age - I live at Gellygross - I know
John Fisher - on Sunday Evening the 3rd Novr last just as
meeting was going in John Fisher came and tapped at my
window - my wife hauled back the curtain & hoist the Window
and I then saw him & asked him what he wanted and says
he are you coming with us - where said I - a little way sd
he - I told him I could not go with him - His Brother
stood behind him - I think his name is George John Fisher
had a mandril in his hand - his Brother had nothing -
they then went off - I remained in the house about 1/2 an
hour or 3/4 - Mr. Edmund Evans was in the house with
me -John Batten the younger then came & rapped at the
door - I thought he would knock it down - My wife went
to the door & asked who was there - He said where's Furmen
She said "he's not here what do you want with him?
he said I want him - She said he shant come out - he
said then you'll see whether he should shan't or no
My wife said Go from my door - my house is my Castle -
you'll see that says he we'll watch for him - I was in the
Parlour with Mr Evans and heard this conversation - there
was another man with John Batten but I dont know his
name - they then went away & my wife put out the Candle
& went out to see if there was any body about - I stopp'd in
the House till she came back and then I went out to hide
in the pigs Cot. I had not been in the Cot long before
I saw 4 men in the adjoining pig cot with a light - I
then got out and jumped into a Shoemaker's Garden -
which is alongside of my Garden & from there into my
own Garden - and I went into the House of call and 4
Men came there & said "We have got you - they had
torches - they took me down to the rest that was on the
tram Road
- there was there between 200 & 300 men



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