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Edward Pillinger's Case
Benjamin Strickland sworn says. I live at
__________________Quarry Mawr and keep
the Machine there and am agent to the Sirhowey Tram
Company - I remember a great many men coming
to my House on the night of the 3rd November last - I saw
three men armed - the first party that came down were nearly
300 -- I should think the train that passed my House -
consisted of from 3 to 4000 - some of the first party came
to my House, the first thing that I heard was halt and at the
instant, knocking at the door of my House - the door was
fastened with a Bolt, a Lock and a safety chain - I was
then lying on my Bed - I had received information at -
8 o'Clock the same Evening, which induced me to load my
Gun and Pistols, and to take them and my sword into
my Bed room - when they knocked at my door my -
wife got up and went to the window - I went to the window
and asked them what they wanted, they said they wanted
light - I said they had plenty of light, they had about
20 Lanthorns with them on the Road - they told me to
come down, that they wanted me, I went down - I opened
the door - the first man that came up to the step of the
door put a spear to towards my left breast, and another man -
put a Gun to my Head - ^ I threw up my hand against
the spear, and drew a Pistol out of my pocket, and said
come I can use those tools as well as you can - My Wife
and six children came down stairs and screamed, I said
be to them be peaceable, keep back, I don't think they will
hurt us. A man with a Hay Pike stood between me and
my Parlour Door, they asked were my arms were, I told
them I had none, some one outside said, where is your Gun




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