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I said I had lent it to one of Sir Charles Morgan's Keepers
on Friday - I had not done so - they took a new Lanthorn
and nearly four pounds of Candles out of my House, they
took 2 1/2 loaves of Bread and about 8 lbs of Cheese, a walking
stick and a yard, which they broke outside the door - that
party went away - another party called and asked for light
the last party that came down was two men - who came
to the door and asked for light, I told them I could not
give them any - I walked with the two men to the full -
moon from my House - the Full Moon is rather better
than a quarter of a mile from my House - the full moon
was quite full of people it was then about 12 o'Clock - I did
not see any of them armed - I have known the prisoner -
Edward Pillinger many years - I saw him at the full -
, he has lost a leg and has a wooden leg, he was walking
across the room, he was in company with others that were in
the House - I did not hear the men say where they were -
going to - I spoke to the Prisoner, he tendered to me a pint
to drink out of, which I supposed contained Beer - I said
"no, what do you want here Ned" he turned away and made me
no answer, I stayed in the House till 3 o'Clock, I did not
see the prisoner going out, I think I left him there, there may
have been two or 300, in and out of the House, while I was
there. I did not see any of them with weapons, I did not
hear any one say in the prisoners hearing where they were going -
I do not remember hearing any one speak to the prisoner while I
was there
___________________________________Benjamin Strickland




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