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he then told me to go, I went on and he followed me. I was
very much frightened, my Wife and little Child was crying so -
I saw another man there I knew besides the prisoner, I believe
that person's name is Thomas Harris, I don't know where he lives
I knew him by sight very well, the Gun the man carried was
a double barrelled Gun, I thought it was a very neat one -
The prisoner was in my House at the same time with the -
persons who were armed with Guns and Pikes. I can't say
for certain whether the Prisoner had anything in his hand -
I did not see a sword in his hand, I did not notice nothing
in his hand, he did not come in alone - I believe Thomas -
came in just at the same time with him -
_____________The mark X of John Jones

Thomas Evans sworn states - I keep the Machine
at Tredegar Park
under Sir Charles Morgan
I remember Monday the 4th November - I saw a great number
of persons passing the machine on that morning, I should -
think 4 or 5,000 - I never saw so many before - the foremost
of them were armed with Pikes, the following class had muskets-
they were very tidy to-gether - I suppose there were about 300 with
Muskets - they were going towards Newport - I saw one of
them go back on the same day - I saw the Prisoner going
from the direction of Newport towards the Hills - I did not
see him coming down in the morning - it was between 9 and 10
in the morning I saw him go up - he had a wooden leg, I
cannot tell whether it is the right of the left, I believe it is the
right - I had know him three of four years before then - I
asked him what did he want down that morning , he said he

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