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Thomas Bevan Oliver will prove -
I am a printer residing in Commercial Street in Newport - I am
a Special Constable - was by the front door of the Westgate about 9 o'clock
on the morning of 4th Novr last - I heard hollowing on Stow Hill &
a great number of persons come down in front of the Westgate. Some
of them had guns & some had pikes - they marched round to the front
of the Westgate seemingly in order - I was standing by the door post.
The head of the mob walked along as far as the other corner and then
turned round to the front door - I heard the Leader of them say to us
"surrender yourselves our prisoners" - I believe he was one of those now
dead - Mr O'Dwyer & Mr Hopkins & Mr Venn were standing near me at
the time when the Leader said "surrender yourselves our prisoners" some
one near me said "No never". Immediately that was said the Leader -
levelled at me - on seeing that I pushed the Door aside & it struck the
Gun aside - the Gun went off and quite stunned me - that was the first
Gun that was fired - Just then I saw Mr O'Dwyer tumble down and I thought
he was shot - I heard many more shots fired & I retired into the House
and went out at the back door with some other Constables - After the
dispersion of the mob - I came into the Westgate & saw several poor fellows
lying in their blood ---




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