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Israel Furmen - States - I am 91
years of age - I live at Gelly gross
I know John Fisher - On Sunday
eveng the 3 Novr. last just as Meeting
was going in John Fisher came &
tapped at my Window - My wife
hauled back the curtain & hoist
the window and I then saw him
and asked him what he wanted
and says he are you coming
with us - where said I - a little
way said he - not far only a little
___I told him I could not go with him
way - ^ his Brother stood behind
him I think his name is George -
John Fisher had a Mandril in
his hand - his Brother had nothing
they then went off - I remained
in the house about 1/2 an hour or
3/4 Mr. Evan Edmund Evans was
in the house with me - John Batten
the yr.

^then came and rapped at the
Door - I thought he would knock
it down - My wife went to the
Door and asked who was there
the he said where's Furmen - She
said he's not here what do you
want with him - he said I want
him - She said he shant come
out - he said then you'll see
that whether he shant or no




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