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______and John Batten
Fisher ^ at Risca - John Batten
shewed me a bright cleaver with
a bright ring on it, in his hand
I noticed a piece broke out of the
mi centre of it - I saw John Batten
& Fisher
^ after wards at the Welsh Oak - this
was in the night I suppose some
where about the centre of the night
I did not see either of them do any
thing in particular there - there was
I think betwixt 2000 & 3000 people
________most of them were armed
there at that time ^ - The last place
I saw John Fisher was at Pye Corner
I saw Batten in the Tredegar Park
on the next morning (Monday the
4th Nov.r) when they halted - he
had something in his hand then
I did not notice particular but I
think it was the cleaver by the
glittering of it - We marched
from there towards Newport - I left the
Mob at the Waterloo public house
_____little better than a
which is about a ^mile from Newport
and the mob proceeded on towards
Newport - I went on after them into
Newport and went to my old Landlords
_________________Monkey row
Thos Habbakuk in Charles Street -
and when I was there I heard firing -



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