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__________91 years of age
Israel Furmen ^ states I live at Gellygross
In the night of the 3rd of Novr Inst Henry
s Son
and Son in Law came to my
House. Fisher's Son's name is John [Fisher]
and his son in Laws name is George
They asked me to come along
I asked where it was about 6 O'clock
in the afternoon when they came first
to my House. When I asked them where
they said a little way. My Wife said
I could not go and I said I would
not go. They then went away After
that Mrs Batten's 2 Sons came to my
House with an Engineer,Battens
Son's names are John and Thomas [Batten]
They knocked at my door and asked
me to come out. My wife said I shod
not go come out Then they said I should
and that they would have me. A
Farmer of the name of Edm-d Evans was
in my House at the times; He told them
they ought to be ashamed of themselves
to take an old man out at that time
of night. The Farmer then went
away and told me I had better
go along but I was afraid

[in left margin]
John Fisher
held to bail
for 50£

Geo: Haynes

John Batten
Thos Batten

Edmd Evans
to be summd



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