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I went to the privy and while there
Battens' 2 sons & the Engineer came to me
there and took me down to the Gang
at one Blacksmiths Shop - where there was
no less than 1000 assembled. Some of
them came from the Greyhound and
some from Blackwood & some from
Merthyr. They took me to the crowd and
then I ran away and went to Wm Elias's
the rising Sun I thot. I was safe there
Tom Nailer was there he is a Collier
he asked me where I was going and
said I must go along and laid hold
of me by the collar and forced me
away he took me down into the Crowd
When I got to the Crowd a second time
a Collier named George Tillett told me
that if I did not come I must look
out for myself for there would be an
Eye kept at me. I went along with the
mob as far as Unnis ddu I ran away
from them there into the woods
George Tillett had a gun and a Candle
He saw me go into the wood. He said
if I did not keep along with them
I shod. have the contents of his Gun

[in left margin]
Shop _____ ]

Thos Nailer

Geo Tillett

Geo Tillett
had a Gun
& Candle



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