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a shoemaker at Blackwood - I heard Zephaniah
Williams say at the Oak - Come men fall in 5 deep to your
ranks and every 11th man take care of the ten - you know
your numbers - we then marched on from the Welsh
the word March having been given by Williams -
We then went on until we got into Sir Cha's Morgan's Park.
Mr Frost there took the lead of the men - I heard Mr
in the Park say Let the men with the muskets come
in front and the Pikemen next
- & them as got no Pikes
or Guns will keep in the rear - I then got up on the foot
path and I ran away along the footpath - I went to
Mr Williams's the Machine in Tredegar Park. I asked
Mr Williams how he & his Wife were, he said he was
very well, she was rather poorly - He asked me to have
a Cup of Beer which I got - He looked and asked me
"Are you with those Chaps?" he saw them coming down
by the Ladies Well which is in the Park, I said I had
run away from them - He said For God's sake don't
stay here - don't tell anybody that you have been here -
I went on before the crowd until I came to the Waterloo
- I called in for a pint of Beer and I waited there until
they went past - I went on till I got opposite Cross St.

[in l. margin]
Z Williams
gave the word of

John Frost
gave word of

Mr Williams's machine



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