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he ordered the men to fall in - He carried a Gun or a Pike -
A man of the name of Griff a Blacksmith working at
Gellygrose carried a double barrelled gun - I took the
gun out of his hands at Risca and looked at it, he came
down with us all the way to Newport - I saw the
hook now produced at the Rising Sun in the hand of
Tom Nailer a Collier who works at the Bryn Works -
It was bent and he put it into the fire - I saw him take
it out and straighten it with a hammer. The last place
I saw Tom Nailer was at a Blacksmith's shop at Waterloo
he had then the hook in his possession - some had Hay
forks, some had spears, some had cleavers - one or two
had scythes, 3 or 4 had swords - several had mandrills
A man of the name of Jack Barrill blew the bugle -
I saw him all the way until they passed the Waterloo -
he sounded it 2 or 3 times, he is a Collier and lives near
the Greyhound - he lives between the Star and Thomas
- He was Secretary for the Men's Club and
Secretary for the Women's Club - He used to collect from
20/- to 30/- every night of the Meeting - they paid 2d a
night there was gatherings besides - some threw in a
Sovereign, some 10/- some a crown, some half a crown

[in left margin]

Double barrel

Hook in the}
hands of Nailer}

Tom [Nailer]

Jack Barrill



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