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John Jones of Ri the Risca Blocklayer & labourer
in the Canal Co's employ (householder) states -
On the Sunday night previous to the riots I
whilst in bed, I heard the noise of a crowd
of people on the tram road in front of my house
I got out of bed and looked out of the window &
th saw a great number I should think thousands
I heard a number of guns fired (this was past
12 Oclock) - soon after a woman whom I know
knocked at the door - I went down & let her in -
She said I was fortunate in not having been pressed
as others had been - I th said that if I was to be
pressed I might as well have my breakfast first -
I dressed - so did my wife & made me breakfast.
A man with 3 boys came in soon afterwards to
dry themselves but did not ask me to go with
them - About 3 a great many came in so that
my house was quite full - Amongst them
was Pillinger - a man with one leg whom I



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