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have known for many years - he staid in my
house for upwards of an hour - I shook hands with
him & asked him wl how he was - he said pretty
well or something like that - My wife asked him
what they were going to do - he said he did not
know in the world what they were going to do -
he said they were going to Newport - Pillinger
said "good bye" to my wife as he went out -
Others continued coming in & going out & my house
was full until About 7 O'clock when all had
left. Soon after 7 as I was outside my door
1 man with a gun in his hand came to me & said
"Well my good man my friends do insist upon
my bringing you with me" - I was frightened
& said "Very well" - about 6 more men were
standing at a little distance armed with Guns
& pikes - the man came into my house & searched
it to see whether there were any more men in
it - he found none, but put the muzzle of his
gun to my side breast & said "come you must
___________ I should know him
be off or else you'll have it ^ I went with him & the rest
as far as Joseph Anthony's house of at Ty Du where I



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