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Henry Lewis of the Full Moon public house in
the Parish of Machen
- states - I heard that the
Chartists were coming down from the Hills & about
_________________of the 3rd November
6 or 7 O clock Sunday Evening ^ I together with
my Wife & child left my house & went to a house
on the side of the mountain to be out of the way -
I was too far off to recognize any of them going down
Abou Between 2 and 4 O clock on Monday afternoon
my house was very full of people who had
come up from the direction of Newport - & wanted
beer &c - Whilst I was engaged with them -
Edward Pillinger whom I have known for several
years passed me in the Passage - I believe he came
in to light his pipe - William Strickland
(Son of /Benjamin Strickland)
took out a pint
of beer outside to him, as he afterwards told me -
I did not remark what dress he^Pillinger had on - I have
not seen him since that day -
_______________________Henry Lewis



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