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William Voss of the Town of Brecon -
Tiler and Plasterer being sworn on Oath
saith -

I yesterday (2[n]d December 1839) went in -
company with Jonas Williams to the House of
Lewis Hugh in Trallong
where we found a -
William Jones the Prisoner - I accompanied
him up stairs to change his Trousers; when
we were up stairs he told me he would give
me Five Pounds if I would let him escape -
I told him I would not do it, he came down
stairs and we brought him away - he said
that when at Newport he turned back his
Head, he saw the Soldier point his -
musket at him from the Westgate Window,
when he fell down upon his Hands and
Knees and was shot - he said he wished
he had been Killed at the time - that -
he was carried from there to the Trams
and to Blackwood and from thence by Tram
to Talybont and from thence by Boat to -
Brecon - On last Saturday week he went
through the Town, before it was light to Trallong ^[*]
The Prisoner told us every thing
voluntarily after I had told him not to
say anything to injure _ himself -
_______________William Voss -

Sworn 3[r]d December
1839 Before us -
William Williams
Thos Meredith -


[* Brecon - deleted]



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