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William Voss of the Town of Brecon Tiler and Plasterer
being sworn - on Oath Saith -

I yesterday (2[n]d December 1839) went in Company with Jonas Williams
to the House of Lewis Hugh in Trallong where we found William
the Prisoner - I accompanied him upstairs to change his Trousers
when we were up stairs he told him he would give me five
Pounds if I would let him escape - I told him I would not do it -
he came downstairs and we brought him away - he said that when
at Newport he turned back his Head he saw the soldier point his Musket
at him from the Westgate Window - when he fell down upon his Hands
and Knees and was shot - he said he wished he had been killed at the -
Time - That he was carried from there to the Trams and to Blackwood
And from thence by Tram to Talybont and from thence by Boat to
Brecon - On last Saturday Week he said through the Town before it
was light to Brecon - the Prisoner told us every Thing voluntarily
after I had told him not to say any Thing to injure himself
William Voss

Sworn 3[r]d December 1839
Before us
William Williams
Thos Meredith

The Prisoner being asked if he had any Thing to say, and cautioned not to say -
any Thing to criminate himself - said he had Nothing further to say
than what he had sent said to the two Witnesses -

William Williams
Thos Meredith
Thomas Vaughan
Three of her Majesty's Justices of the Peace
acting for the Borough and County of Brecon



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