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County of }
The examination of Jonas Williams of the
Town of Brecon
Police Officer taken upon
Oath the 11th day of December 1839 before
us the Reverend James Coles Clerk and John
Roberts Esquire
two of Her Majesty's Justices
of the peace acting in and for the said County
who saith I am a police officer of Brecon. In
consequence of information I received I went on
the second of December instant to the house of
Lewis Hugh Trallong
 : he is huntsman to Wm
of Pen Pont. I found William Jones
(the Prisoner) there William Voss accompanied
me. We found him in the Kitchen by the fire :
I told him he was our prisoner : he said it "was a bad
job for me", I asked him if his leg was getting
well of the wound : I had received information
that he had been wounded in the back at Newport.
Jones said it was much better : I then took him
towards Brecon when he said he would give me
a Sovereign to let him go : he told me that he
was forced to go to Newport by a man named
William Leyson and he had nothing in his
hand till within about two miles from Newport
when he received a cleaver from one of the -
Mob : he walked from there in the rear with
Mr Frost to the Westgate Inn : he added there
were many thousands; he said there were some men
with Guns, some with Pikes, some with clubs :
he said, further, soon after he got there, that
soldiers began to shoot at the mob : he ran
to the side of the Wall and when the Mob
went away, he went away : he turned his
head back and saw one of the Soldiers



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