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made him a cup of tea and told him
"my good ^boy tell you the truth it may be
better for you". I also said we did
not want him to tell us any-thing; that
we did not want to hear it; he then
began telling the story how he was forced
to go to Newport; He then said that all -
Tuesday Evening prior to the 4th of November
it was uncommonly wet he accompanied
a great number of people down to Newport;
he came to the Westgate, at that time he
had a Cleaver, first of all he had a club,
he saw there a great number that were
shot; that he was very near the Westgate
Inn and he turned his head back and
saw the soldier level his piece at him,
he fell down on his hands and knees and
while he was in that posture he received
a ball in the Back, or he should be
killed if he hadn't fallen down, he said
many times he wished they had killed
him: he said there were thousands at the
, and were running away in all
directions when the Soldiers fired; he got
up as well as he could and got to the
trams which he went by to Blackwood
and from thence to Tredegar
and from by tram to^ Tally bont, and from



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