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with a Gun a sword and a Bag full
of Powder round him. This
was about 1/2 p 10 My Father
was in bed he went to bed soon
after the first two men came in.
I know one of the men he lives
at Blackwood a quack Doctor
named Ferram Farren[*] Also
I also heard a man named Thomas
of Blackwood who appeared
to be the leader I heard his name
called very frequently he appd
to be very busy. I did not see
any weapon in his possession
but he asked me for a fork to
turn his Pistol ^ with I told him I cod
not leave my place to get
one. They remained till the mo-g
till near 7 Oclock. The House was
up over our Shoes in Water. They
paid for all the Beer we drew
there were hundreds who could

[*recte Furmen]



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