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and do the best we can to get away
He got away and walked towards
Newport to get out of their way
on the Road : Just as we started
two young Men started with us
and walked along with with us. Whilst~
_ I asked one of the young Men who the other was .
~walking ^ the man who was rather He said
the other young Man was young Henry [Frost]
He had on a great Coat & sort of Cap
Frost ^ I asked him who he was
he said he was a Tiler and Plasterer
at Newport. I know John Frost who
was speaking at Pont Ap[er]per_gam.
about a fortnight or 3 weeks since
at Benjamin Davies's house the Colliers
. I asked Hy Frost and the young man
if they were going to Newport & they
____they were
said I was . I did not see John Frost
tho' I heard he was with the crowd
we walked together till we came
to a Beer House called the Lamb
fronting Baseleg when they both went
in & I left them. I shod know Henry
by his having a little stutter in
his Speech. When we came the Newport side
of the High cross
we met 10 or a doz-n men
coming from Newport to meet us.
We stood for 2 or 3 minutes. Frost and



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