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Rega vs Henry Frost

I know Henry Frost I saw
him Sunday Eve-ng about
__ or 9
7 8 ^ Oclock with a Great
Coat & foraging Cap pass me
at W Hawkins' (the present
Mayors door) I was induced
to follow him. When he went
into the Court leading to the
old Hope Chappel
(at Byrons)
He looked about as if
he was afraid of being
________John Fraser

Xd by Mr Geach
I have known Henry Frost for 12 Mos at least
I never had any conversation with him.
I am quite certain it was him I saw
with the foraging Cap. It was not the usual
Cap. I have been in the habit of seeing him.
He did not run away quite the reverse.
The Hope Chappel is on the road to the road to Risca
A person going by Hope Chapel would be going
round about to go to Risca.
I do not know whether going down Commercial
to go to Risca is not the most public way
I believe Commercial St & the lane or road
__________________________________to be
I have before spoken of is the most likely publicly
populously inhabited.
There are several places of worship on each

[in l. margin]
[agst line 24-29]
up Charles}

to avoid
going to

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