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side in Commercial Street.
1/2 p 7 & 8 O clock Saw prisoner in High St.
The prisoner then passed me first as I was knocking
at the Door. I did not wait for anyone
to open the Door I did not look at my watch.
It would be nearer 8 O clock when I saw
____at the Hope Chapel
him ^ then when I saw him pass first.
I know that & 8 Oclock is about the time
the Chapels lining the Road dissolve
/…/ there is another & more direct road to Risca
up Stow Hill. I believe there is a Road
to Risca at the back of the Town
. I saw
some of the persons who composed the Mob
wounded. I saw a Man fall wounded
in the act of running Away I did not
see the Prisr. by the Westgate

Re Examd
_____________________a Pike
The Man wounded had Pikes in his
Hand but whether he took the pike there
or Picked it up I cannot say.

Reg vs Rawlings
Hy Frost
Dep: of Mr
John Fraser

Reg v Henry Frost
Evidce of John Fraser
John Rapps
Thomas Williams
John Fraser
Geo Evans
Saml Parsons




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