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Hy Frost
Ex-on of James ^q. Samuel Parsons

Prisr. was walking along the road
in the usual way making no noise
or disturbance of any description.
I saw a great many men armed
with Guns. Henry Frost had no Gun
pike or sythe that I know of I do not
remember ever seeing Hy Frost walking
toward Risca I mean I have seen him
in the Street. I do not remember a word
he said. I do not know his age. He
may be 14 y-s of age I do not know of his
Age I do not know nothing of his Strength.
It was yesterday I was first Examined

Geo. Evans I was taken up and
been kept in Custody since I was
discharged to-day. I was Examd. before
the Mayor before the Riot by W. Phillips
the Mayor
. I was Examd. yesterday
by Mr Phelps & my Evide taken down
in writing. Henry Frost was walking
in the road quietly & without making
any noise on the night of 3rd
Decr & taking no part

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