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James Allen. I lodge d at Pilgwennlly at my brother's
house near the Cambrian public kept by Branson -
I am a Carrier & haulier of general goods. I went
up towards Nantyglo on the Friday the 1st November previous
to the riots I cannot say exactly what time I started - it
was before dinner. I went up as far as the Six Bells
17 1/2 miles & put up for the night. I got there before midnight I started for Nantyglo
the next morning (Saturday) about 1/2 past 4. I saw
nothing particular on the road up Friday. I took up
3 trams of goods - shop goods. I don't recollect what
they were. I got to Nantyglo between 8 & 9 in the
morning I remained at Nantyglo till about 1/2 past
2 in the afternoon & then came down to Newport
only stopping at the Six Bells to have some Beer. &
arrived home some time before 10 o'clock. During
the way down many people got into There were only
empty packages & 3 Tarpaulins in the Trams - During
the journey down many people got into the Trams to ride
some times 3 or 4 some times 12 or 20. it is usual for
people workmen to do so on their return from work
particularly on Saturdays - I saw no more people
about than usual - Some of the people that rode in



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