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immediately and was not endeavouring
to escape A man whom I believe
to be one of the men shot and dead
leaped over the hedge and remained
behind me till I got over the Hedge
He there then brought down to a
Stable facing the marshes gate and
ordered us there & a guard of Pikemen
were ordered to watch us I again
remonstrated with them as being kept
in so cold a place / being wet through &
requested them to remove us to the Toll House
which they promised and we were
afterwards removed to the Toll House
at the Turnpike Gate we were first
shewn into the Bedroom of the Toll House
where we remained for
nearly an hour and then were
ordered into an upstair Room
& we remained about one hour
and half longer it was about
2 O'clock I looked at my watch
I requested permission to change
my stockings for a pair I borrowed



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