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of the Tollkeeper & was guarded upstairs
by a Man with a drawn Sword
who stood over me whilst I
changed my stockings I was known
to the Toll keeper and also to one
of the men as they called me by
name. I returned down stairs
in the first room we were kept
in and remained there some
time when an order was given
"To remove the Prisoners upstairs"
(I & Watkins were the only Prisoners
that I knew of) I laid down on the
floor of the room where there was
no furniture and fell asleep
from Excessive fatigue I should
think for an hour. We were then ordered
down stairs & ordered to follow
them a man a pistol stand walking
at my left side pointing it toward
me. We were then led through the Lanes
it being very dark and wet for a couple of hours & my
shoes were down at heel



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