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in consequence their being wet
and not being able to get them up
after changing my Stockings and
I eventually found myself at
the Cefn We were taken into a
Public House where we were
supplied with Beer which I paid
for After waiting there half an
hour we were ordered to march
on I knew that we were then going
Risca and heard orders given to
march that way Whilst we were
on the Road. I said to one of the Men
that I had heard Mr Frosts name
mentioned I asked where he was
the man said he did not know
then but would try to find him
out for me. We marched on to
where the Tram Road crosses the Turnpike
Road near Risca
and stop[pe]dat a Public House
there I ordered some Beer being
much exhausted and thinking conciliatory
means the best invited the Men



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