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Reg[ina] v[ersu]s Henry Frost
Henry Charles 66 years of age next march of the Welsh Oak
Beer Tyn y cwm
, saith I keep
the Welsh Oak. On Sunday night
about 1/2 p[ast] at not quite 10 Oclock I was in
Bed two Men came to my House
very wet and asked to be allowed
to dry themselves which I allowed
them to do but told them to make
haste as it was time to go to bed
& I wanted to go to bed The Men
dried themselves & told me they
should be off directly they
I went up to bed leaving my wife 2 daughter & son
down Stairs
remained there till about 1/2 past 10
shortly afterwards my son came up stairs and
said I never saw such a number of people
in my life when several thousand people
coming along the road
so came down stairs & then I saw a thousand or more
coming down towards me
the two Men I speak of as coming frost was a short man
about 20 years of age dressed in
a blue or dark cloth Coat a sort of drab waistcoat coat thin face
rather and the other man wore
a dark coat about my height
about 30 years of age fuller face They spoke
Welsh they asked for a pint of Beer
They were strangers I did not
know them or what they were



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