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The House was filled with Men
in a minute or two after the
Mob came he broke the tables
& chairs all to pieces. The Men
had Pikes Guns Pikes Mandrills
& other weapons There were hundreds
of them I never was so frightened
in my life. They all Heard them called
for Beer & took possession of the
Cellar I was unable to come down stairs till some time
after when I went into the cellar and told my son & daughter
who were there The men stopd there till before
to be daylight. I saw some of
our neighbours who said they
were brought out of their Bed
were they were much terrified
John Frost was there as my
daughter told me I know Henry
& he was in the parlour I was
upstairs all the time except
when I went into the Cellar
I did not know any one
except my neighbours who
had been brot there Capt Roberts,
Miller & his Brother named W[illia]m
& Thomas They ran away afterwards



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