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21 [Top right corner]
Reg[ina] v[ersu]s Frost
of the P[ari]sh of St Woollos in the Boro[ugh] of Newport Laborer
abiding with James Mellor am known by the name of Farmer
James Coles of Pillgwenlly I amEmployed in
the Smiths shops of W. T. H. Phelps
at the Waterloo yard says on Monday
morning last between 8 an 9 Oclock at Pillgwenlly
I and John Rees were on
I was at Pillgwenlly & heard the Chartists were coming I heard
great hallooing I went up the Tram Road by the Courtybella
the Tram Road we met a man
Machine there saw John Rees of Pillgwenlly
very fast towards
we went together on to see the Chartists
Newport He said the Chartists are coming
I went with Rees to meet them We
walked on to the Tramroad at the to the Waterloo
Turnpike Gate on the Cardiff Road
</add> We met a large body
of Men armed with Guns Pikes Mandrils. Swords Sticks & other weapons There were two Men who acted as Leaders
one on one side & the other on the other
who were at he Head of them one of
them was a person I afterwards heard to be John
and the other known as Jack
the fifer The men stopd when they
came to us and the man John Frost (I have
since understood to be called John Frost

and who was dressed in a rough
Coat and Black Hat with a red
cravat or or comforter or Handkerchief round his
neck & they were standing still when they came up to us but afterwards
walked on and stopped again when they came to us Frost asked me where the Soldiers were
I said about a dozen were at the
Westgate and the rest at the Poor
as I was told for I had not been there myself Jack the Fifer said He
a pistol in one hand & something in the other he said
we intend to have the Westgate and



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