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Jack the fifer had a gun and a pike
I heard one of the men say hand out a waistcoat for he
was wet a great many of the men were
armed with Guns Pistols pikes
Sticks & Swords and one of them had
a long pike with a hook which
he said was to hook the Horses
by the legs. I heard Frost and
Jack the fifer then say come on
or March I will not be certain which
but he said either come on or march
and the men marched on like
Soldiers till they came to the Road
leading to Stow Hill by the Friars
they then divided, some went up the
Hill and the others went the straight
road to Newport thro' Commercial St[reet].
I was going by Commercial Street into town when one of them
stopped me & said I went up over & then
followed the to Newport went
when I came I came to Charles Street which leads out of
Stow Hill I wanted to there me &
I saw the men moving away I came up the
Hill went down Charles Street into
of Men. I sometime after heard
and these I saw
going in the Town and shortly after
saw Mr Frost running
away towards the road leading to the Waterloo gate as fast as
he could I am sure it was the same person

[James Coles and other words written over the text vertically towards the left margin]



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