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23 [Top right corner]
Englishman who opened the Meeting with prayer
- he was like a Forrest
Man - I think from what I heard that he had been the means of
making some disturbance at The British Iron Works and left in consequence
he came from the British Iron Works - There are in my neighbourhood
the following lodges - Blackwood, Greyhound, Fleaur de lis, Maesycwmr
Argoed, Gellygros, Cross penmaen - We were about 30 men at the delegate
Meeting - the first thing that was agreed, that each Delegate's report should be
given as to the number of Men - how many armed with Guns - how many with
the Pikes, and whether so many more could be depended upon who were

[in left hand margin against the above:- Delegates report]

not armed
- Each Delegate made his report - I think they made about
5000 armed men - Jones of Pontypool took down the numbers - It was

[in left hand margin against the above:- notice to produce]

agreed that all the persons from that time were to get all their men together
armed with guns Pikes Sticks but all to be armed and to meet in the most
convenient place in the neighbourhood
- most of the Hill Men were to join
Zephaniah Williams and to be at Risca about 12 o'clock and then they
were to be governed by circumstances but obey the orders of the Leaders -

[in left hand margin against the above:- what for]

I had before heard of the Captain of 10 which began by collecting money for
Vincents and others defence - It was understood that they were to be under
orders to march in military order
- The meeting broke up between 4 & 5
and I went home - There happened that there was £10 in money in the
funds of the Lodge and it was proposed to buy arms with it - I had 5£
given to me to buy arms at Newport - Young Rock was to have had it to have
gone to Cardiff to buy Arms but I thought he was not trustworthy and he did

[in left hand margin against the above:- q the young Rock]

not get it - I received the money from Pugh as Treasurer - I next -
morning (Saturday) went to Newport and called at Hawkins and a Shop
by the Westgate and at the Jews - I enquired if he had sold many he said

[in left hand margin against the above:- Shoe Jew]

he had but had plenty more upstairs which he wished me to see, which
I declined - I had lent Mr Frost a brace of Pistols some time before -
I knew Mr Frost very well from meeting him at Mr Langfords Boarding
House, Bristol
, corner of Queen Square where my father had been for 30 years
I met my father at Pillgwenlly and dined there - we started off towards
home - I had previously called at Mrs Frost's and she had given me one or two
Letters in a piece of brown paper sealed, directed for Mr Frost which I was to take
to Blackwood where he was - I returned to Blackwood with my father and he
put me down before I got to Pughs to deliver the parcel and to see Frost -
I went to Pugh's and saw Frost - I had seen the Delegate from Bradford

[in left hand margin against the above:- Coach & Horses ]



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