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24 [Top right corner]
in the course of that day at Newport - young Frost brought him to me and
said it was a friend who wanted to see his father - Rees's - Coach was
gone and Young Frost asked me to take him up which my father did
not like to do as a stranger but I said he was a friend of mine and we
took him up at the top of Stow Hill - my father whispered to me to
know who the man was I said it was a friend - I did not know him or
who he was, but that he wanted to see Frost - I heard him say he came
from Bradford and had a Letter from Mr Frost - We took him above the
and got out at the corner and sent my father home with the
Phaeton - I told father I should overtake him but did not do so - The
stranger and I walked to Job Tovey's to see
Frost and deliver the parcel
[in left hand margin against the above:- Went to Toveys ]

we saw Frost was there, the stranger and him shook hands, and went out
of the room, they returned in about 10 minutes or a quarter of an hour
and I gave Frost the parcel which he opened, read the two Letters, and
put them into the fire, with the Letter he received from the Stranger -
We sat down a little while and went to Pughs - they went into the Bedroom
upstairs- it was between 8 and 9 o'clock
- I went out and returned to
them in the bedroom - there was Frost, Reynolds, Barwell, another person
[in left hand margin against the above:- Saw ammunition in a Bag at this meeting]

the Stranger and myself - they spoke of the North - they spoke of the rising;
the Stranger thought it was premature - Frost said they could not put it off
[in left hand margin against the above:- Frost said rising could not be put off ]

as it was agreed to at the meeting the day before - I went out and he
went away - I cannot say what passed between them when they went out,
I did not hear any thing what they said - It was agreed at the -
Delegate meeting on the Friday that they were to seize the authorities
wherever they could be found - to stop the Mails, so that the people in
[in left hand margin against the above:- Seize Authorities]

the north would know they had succeeded - a great deal was said -
about Trowbridge and other places - Frost had said a great deal to
induce them to rise -
[in left hand margin against the above:- q when & where]

The Sunday night it rained very heavy - I went to Pugh's - I took tea
at Frosts at his Lodgings - before then Frost told me not to come as I was
unwell - he said he would take Newport and fortify it if he could -
he expected 2000 armed Men down - I had a great faith and dependence
[in left hand margin against the above:- said he would take Newport]



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