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23 [Top right corner]
upon Frost and thought he would not have risked his neck for nothing,
as he appeared a cool calculating Man - I went with him to Pugh's -
we passed Men on the road - I do not think they were Chartists - Frost went
into the little parlor and so did I - It was full of people - I came out almost
immediately - I did not like to be seen and came out immediately - I
then came in front of the house speaking to Reynolds - Barwell was there -
there were a great many people there - they said they would go up round
Blackwood and scour up Blackwood but they did not do it - Frost was
dressed in a rough blue coat a Shawl round his neck I stopped till
they started up to Blackwood - I then went home and did not go out
again that night - I did not go out till 12 next day, when I went out on

The Delegate from Bradford was a young Man under 30 taller that
I am - he appeared a working man but intelligent - he would not tell
me any thing at Newport - there was nothing particular about him to
describe except being a strong wellmade Man.

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