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William Davies of Blackwood in the Parish of Bedwellty Son of
and abiding with his father Roger Davies of Blackwood aforesaid
Shopkeeper states -
I have been a member of the Chartist Lodge held at Pugh's Coach
and Horses
since May last. I did not attend regular. I paid what I
pleased. William Barwell was Secretary and Pugh was Treasurer. On
Monday the 20th October last I attended a meeting at Pugh's, there were present
as well as I can remember many persons- The Secretary was there- Francis
at Pentlwyn was there- there was a dispute between him and
Barwell about their irregular attendance- nothing was done or said Tuesday
as I recollect hearing but I had heard that Zephaniah Williams was at one
of the upper Lodges- I did not see him till Wednesday Evening, it had been
given out there was to be a meeting that evening- I went but they did not
come till late- I went to Pugh's in the little parlor in the front part
of the House- There were Zephaniah Williams- William Jones- I don't think
Barwell was in the room but he came into the House and the house
was very well- we had been waiting a long time for Williams and Jones-
It was near 9 oClock when they came and I did not stop long after and went
home- nothing particular took place except the organisation and their
visiting other Lodges- Thursday I went to Newport and whilst there I
called at Mr. Hawkins Ironmonger to look at some Pistols but did
not buy any- I did not get back from Newport till 11 or after- I
I stopped and supped at Newbridge- I called at Pugh's as I was going home
I had called at Frost's in Newport that day- When I called at Pugh's
that night I left my Phaeton at the Door and went into the House
Frost was there- Zephaniah Williams was there, Jones, Barwell, I am
not certain I had heard there had been a meeting that evening- they
told me so- nothing further than a general conversation took
place that night- I did not stop long- Friday morning I was at
home but went to Pugh's a little before their dinner time about 12- I
had heard there was to be a meeting there- when I came down there
were John Frost, Williams, Morris Owen, he had lived in Blackwood formerly
and came from the Hills, Phillips of Pontypool & a Man
from Wainluggan who lives at the Crispin- they came in late
I should know many of them again by sight- The Lodges, the parties



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