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[top right hand margin:-]30

in the funds of the Lodge and it was
proposed to buy arms with it I had
£5 given me to buy arms at Newport
Young Rock was to have had it to have
go to Cardiff to buy arms but I thot
he was not trustworthy & he did not get
it. I secured the money from Pugh
as Treasurer & next Morning Saturday
went to Newport & called at Hawkins
and at a shop nearby the Westgate and at the
Jews I enquired if he had sold
many he said he had but he had plenty
more upstairs which he wished
me to see, which I declined. I had
lent Mr Frost a brace of Pistols some
time before I knew Mr Frost & very
well from meeting him at
Mrs Langfords Boarding House Bristol
Corner of Queen Square
where my
Father had been for 30 years. I met
my Father at Pillgwenlly & dined there
We started off towards home
had previously called at Mrs
Frost and she had given me
one or two Letters in a piece of

The following is written vertically in left margin

X Blackwood and Blackwood but they did not do it Frost was dressed in a Rough blue coat a shawl
round his neck. I stopd till they started up to Blackwood and then went home I did
not go out again that night I did not go out till 12 next day when I went
out on horseback



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