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above the Greyhound I got out at
the corner and sent my Father home
with the Pheaton I told Father I should
overtake him but did not do
so the Stranger and I walked to Job
to see Frost and deliver
the parcel. He saw Frost there
the Stranger & him shook hands
& went out of the Room They
returned in about 10 minutes
or a quarter of an hour and I gave
Frost the parcel which he opened
read the two Letters & put them
into the fire with the letter he read
from the Stranger. We sat down
a little while and went to Pughs then went in the Bedroom up
stairs it was betn 8 & 9 Oclock
I did not I went out & returned to
them in the Bedroom there was
Frost, Reynolds, Barwell and the man
the Stranger and myself. They spoke of the rising
The Stranger thot was premature
Frost said they could not put it off
as it was agreed to at the meeting
the day before. I went out & he
went away. I cannot say what passed



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