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383 [vertical In left margin]

between them when they were out. I did
not hear any thing what they said It was agreed at
the Westgate meeting on the Friday
that they were to seize the authorities
wherever they could be found to stop
the mail so that the people in the
north would know they have succeeded
a great deal was said about Newbridge
& other places Frost had said a great deal
to induce them to rise
The Sunday night it rained very
heavy. I went to Pughs. first I took
Tea at Frosts at his Lodgings before
then Frost told me not to come as I was
unwell. He said he would take Newport
and fortify it if he could He expected
2000 armed men down. I had great
faith & dependence upon Frost and that he would
not have risked his neck for
nothing as he appeared a cool calculating
Man. I went with him to Pughs. We
passed men on the Road I do not think they were
Chartists. Frost went into the little parlor & so did I
it was full of people I came out almost immediately
I did not like to be seen and came out immediately & then
came in front of the House Barwell
there were a great many people there they said they would
the delegate from Bradford was a man
30 He appeared a working
man but intelligent He would not tell me any thing
at Newport there was nothing particular about him to to describe

[Overwritten vertically on right edge Rega v Frost &
Regina v Wm Davies



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