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31 [Top right corner]
John Donavan I live at Risca am a Shoemaker
I work for Wm Matthews of Risca Shoemaker I lodge at the house of Edward Roberts a Nailer
his house is on the left hand side of the tram road going from Newport
& close by - it is near the Brewery. I was at my
Lodgings on Sunday the 3rd of November - about
1/4 after 7 the next Monday morning as I was going
to Mathews's shop I heard a hurra & looking round
saw 6 or 7 men who said "come along come along"
"where" said I "why to Newport" they said - I said I
must go and get other clothes & went back to my Lodgings
there were two or three men there who made me go
with them - We came up with a great body of men
at Tydu. In Tredegar Park - I saw a Man I
believe to be John Frost. I heard many people
say "there is John Frost." - One the Men said "we
shall have a big loaf when we get to Newport." I
should not know him again. I went with them
as far as Charles Street to Stow Hill when went
into a Barn & laid myself & remained till the firing
was over. & then went to my sisters house who lives at
Charles St[reet].

[signature centre right of page:-]John Donavan



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