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Thomas Duffield his says I keep the Old
Bridgend Public House at Risca
. I was asleep
on Sunday Evening in the parlor when I my wife told woke me &
said there were 3 men enquiring for a Saddle & a
gun. I immely went out to them. I asked them
what they wanted they said "your saddle & gun"
I said they should not have it if they would not
walk out I would make them. they said "that's
your meaning" they went out & in less than 5 minutes
the Crew came in. I immely went to the Cellar
door. they came to me & asked me for some beer-
my wife filled them some. I asked one of them
for 3d for a pint. He said d - n your eyes if you
ask for 3d. I'll run you through with a spear
Ann Thomas was standing by the fire at the time
This was in the kitchen - one of them there took a
knife & cut about 2 lbs of Bacon off a flitch. Another
came up to him & said d - n your eyes if you do not
put that back Ill run you through. the first put



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