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it back into the cupboard. in putting it back he
saw the bread & cheese & cold meat left from our
dinner. he took that out & the person that stopped
him at first, partook of that. I then locked
the cellar door. they took hold of me. I asked
them where they were going to take me. they said
it was no difference. I told them I would not
come. They dragged me into the kitchen. I asked
them if they wo[ul]d let me fetch my hat. they did
I went up stairs. my wife followed me. She told
them her husband sho[ul]d not come to them that
night. If you won't let him come we'll shoot
you they two men they said and two men
immely snapped their guns at her. She said
fire away you shall kill me before you have
my husband. I then ran away thro' the back door -
for a short time. Others came in afterwards &
had beer & mostly paid for it. The House about
3. I told the girl to get supper she went out



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