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[top right hand margin:-] 34
Regina - v[ersus]. John Frost
W[illia]m Davies

John Harwood of Blackwood Collier - I work at the Rock
. I know John Frost of Newport</hi> I first knew him
when he went to Dukes Town from Blackwood the last meeting
It is since Whitsuntide
. I did not go to Dukes Town. I
saw Mr. John Frost go through Blackwood that day. There
was a little Boy with him as I saw about 12 or 14 years of age
I believe Mr. Frost had a blue Coat and black Hat. he was
riding in a Gig with the Lad. I never was a Chartist. I
attended the meeting at the Coach he at Blackwood kept by
Richard Pugh. I paid 2/6- I don't know whether my name
was put down or not. I did not stop. I did not sit - and they
would not enter my name unless I came more than once.
they promised to enter the next time I came. I never went to
Lodge afterward. I did not know any of the men at the
meeting. there were two or three there by the fire. I was at
home in my House Sunday afternoon before the Riots. I
was very poorly and have been these two or three months.
I am now very poorly. I got up and had my tea in the Evening
I stopped in the House when about 6 o'Clock a mob came to my
House and said that I should come with them. I told them
I would not come. they said I should come. I had a sword
in the House. I was an inside Tyler of my Lodge (the Lodge
of odd fellows. I was entitled to a sword on that account. they
swore if I did not come away with the sword that they would
kill me. I was force to go with them. they dragged me
out of the House. it was very bad weather. It was raining in
streams. it was very dark. I went on to the Rock. the men
that went with me had pikes as well as I could see in the
dark. I went from the Rock to the Jenny tips when we
met a large Company. We divided. a large company
went by the Argoed an a large company by the Rock.

The following in left margin:-:

At home ill on Sunday
with Sword
taken to Rock
& Jenny Tips



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