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35 [Top right corner]
we went to crosspenmaen - We went on to Cwm Dws - We came
down the Hill from Cwm Dws to a public House close by the
Tram Road. We then went over a Bridge and up a very steep
path and over the Canal. We come on straight to the Welsh
. I saw the Company before and behind us go into the
Houses and bring the men out
. I heard them say there was a

[in left hand margin against the above:- Welsh Oak / men pressed]

party before us. When we came to the Oak there were hundreds
and thousands at the Kefen. I carried my Sword all the
way with me and I w sent it home by one of the Rock Halliers.
I heard 4 or 5 days before I was taken up that I was to be took
up - the Sword was sent to the Lodge because no one else
should get into trouble. I saw John Frost in the Road
between the Kefen and the Welsh Oak on Monday morning
about 4 oClock in the morning of the day of the Riots at
Newport. I will not swear whether it was a red cravat or
Red Handkerchief round his neck but it was red. When I

[in left hand margin against the above:- Saw Frost between / Cfn & Welsh Oak / at 4 ]

saw & the Company that I was with met Mr. Frost the men said to
him "Mr. Frost we had better return" - Mr. Frost said no
they had better not - He said they should come on to N[ew]port

and take possession of the Poor House and the Soldiers and

[in left hand margin against the above:-Frost delay / Store house ]

their arms. then he said there was a store house where there
was plenty of powder and then they would blow up the Bridge
and then they were to stop Welsh Coaches that did run in the
North. then that would be a notice to them in the North to
commence on Monday night. He said he should be
able to see 2 or 3 of his friends or enemies in Newport

[in left hand margin against the above:- no ]

When I first came to the Welsh Oak from Blackwood
the place was so full that I went on with some of the men
to the Keven where we got some Beer. Whilst there, a

[went to Cfn ]

young man on Horse back came to us and said that we
were to come back as Mr Frost was waiting for us & we
turned back from the Keven to the Welsh Oak and on the
Road we met Mr Frost who told us what I have before

[in left hand margin against the above:- went back & / met Frost ]

stated. I heard Mr Frost say that William Davies say
that Mr Frost was at Francis Job Toveys - this was the
Saturday night before the Riots - I know Francis Job Tovey

[in left hand margin against the above:- W[illia]m Davies ]

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[small print in corner of left hand bottom margin:- 2 ]



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