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Jacket buttoned up in
front a sort of Cap like
an Ostler's Cap with a peak
to him before. a bay Horse
I think it was I believe
he had trousers on nothing
particular round his face
What I could see of him
he had a whitish face
he was not very fat
It was about 4 Oclock
between 3 & 4 when I came
out of the Cefn.

[in left hand margin against the above :- fideante x ]

There was a Chartists I attended and an original founder of the Lodge
the meeting at the Coach at Blackwood is kept

[left hand margin against the above:- Rich[ar]d Pugh]

by Rich[ar]d Pugh. I had 2/6
I don't know whether my
name was put down or not
I did not stop I did not sit
& they wo[ul]d not enter my name
unless I came more than once
they promised to enter the next
time I came I never
went to Lodge afterwards

Written vertically over the text:
James Coles
Octavius Morgan
The Mark of
John Harford



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