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Reg[ina] v[ersu]s Frost & Z Williams

William Harris lives next door to the George Inn
Collier in the employ of Mr Powell of the Brynn - About 7 o'clock
on Sunday evening the 3d November I was standing opposite the Coach and Horses
public house, Blackwood
- I saw a number of people standing about the Coach
and Horses
- they were armed with various weapons - some had Guns many had
mandrils - I saw amongst them William Davies son of Mr Roger Davies the
Shopkeeper at Blackwood - he was standing at the door - I heard him say to the
men there more than once "why you are enough to eat Newport" Mr Frost also
stood at the Door on the step of the Door close to Davies - I am sure they were both
speaking to the mob although I could not hear what they said
- there was light
enough for me to see Frost and Davies plainly
- I was there about 10 minutes
and then walked away up the tram road with my wife when I was met by
another gang who pressed me and made me go with them- I went with them first
to the Greyhound Pontllanfraith I saw a great many people there - John Reynolds
a preacher was leading them - I heard him say "Come on my Lads" and he
went first - between the Greyhound and the Welsh Oak we met a man on a red
horse who said "Why do you hang back for damn it go on you are enough to eat
all the Soldiers that's there half of them are gone to Abergavenny"
I am sure

in left hand margin against the above:- q. Frost there

it was not Davies - he had a blue coat and dark trousers - he had a Lantern &
there was an old halter on the horse - he then turned round and went down
the road again - We went to the Welsh Oak - I was on the road for hours there -
I saw John Frost there and heard him say "all those with arms come forward"
they did come forward and I went then into the house - I went down into the
cellar and had one pint of beer. I went to sleep
. I do not know how long when I
awoke it was day light- I went out of the house , as I was going out I saw two men apparently
Gentlemen and a man who appeared to be guarding them - I think he had a pistol in his
hand but am not certain - I saw also John Frost - he appeared to be liberating the two
he said "you are two bad men but you may go" or something like - the
men then went out of the house - I don't know in what direction - John Frost went
down the tram road as hard as he could go - Zephaniah Williams was standing on
the crossing of the Tram road and turnpike roads
- when I came to the crossing he said to
me "Harris what do you bide back here for why don't you go on with the rest" I then
turned and went towards Newport Zephaniah Williams came behind me - I went as far
as the Hill between the Waterloo and Stow Turnpike gate when I managed to escape -

[in left hand margin against the above:- Frost & Williams at / the Welsh Oak together / Frost left to clear the / road / Williams remained ]

I did not see Frost or Zephaniah Williams after I saw them at the Welsh Oak -
It was the general talk at Blackwood that William Davies had turned Chartist but
I cannot tell who ever mentioned it to me in particular - I believe that when William
was standing at the door of the Coach and Horses with Frost he said "Come
on my lads and let them see what you can do you are enough to eat Newport -

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William Harris



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