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Thomas Morgan about 14 lives at Henry George's house.
W[illia]m Harris lives next door at Blackwood. About
4 Monday Evening I saw W[illia]m Harris carry a gun
into his house a single barrelled flint gun - & put
it into the corner. About Wednesday after I heard
W[illia]m Harris's wife () tell my mother that her W[illia]m when he
heard the Chartists had lost the that the Fly was
come after the Chartists hid the gun beween the
joists and the floor ceiling. W[illia]m Harris told
his wife in my presence that he was next the
man who was killed. On Sunday night I
overheard W[illia]m Harris's wife tell his my mother
that there was one John the mason who had a pistol
which was given him by John Frost at the Coach &

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