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James Hodge states that my house is by the road
12 miles from Pye Corner - but the way I returned from Pye Corner on
the morning of Monday 4th November was much less perhaps a mile -
When I got home I went in through the window from the Garden -
my wife was in bed - there was a Clock in the Kitchen I went to it
and it was then ten minutes or near to 10 o'clock I put back the clock
one hour and half and went to bed - I desired my wife to get up &
she did so and thinking I should be got into a scrape through going
with Frost I desired her to go into my neighbours (Mary Jones) and
call her in - my wife went out and came back with Mary Jones
and they both came through the Kitchen into my bed room - I was
covered over and my Eyes shut and I did not open them - I heard
some one spoke and I heard my wife speak but I did not hear - my wife say Here is my old Man in Bed The person said she thanked God he was come back
what she said or what the woman said - but I did not hear any thing Else said I took the woman to be
Mary Jones - When I told my wife to go for Mary Jones, the words I
said were - for God's sake go and call Mary Jones to witness that I
am in the house for I am sure there will be murder all over the Country
and I want to shew that I am at home and in bed - I do not know
whether Mary Jones looked at the Clock - nor did I tell my wife I
has put back the clock - I got up about one or two and then put on
the clock again but it struck for several days one more than was
right - I was afraid I might be searched after by the men and killed
for running away from them and my wife went out and locked the
Door I tried to screen myself from the mob and the Law too

(signed) James Hodge



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